Reason for initialisation

Due to the ongoing environmental impact by major corporations specifically in the retail sector, Massmart has taken a decision to source their products sustainably to reduce the group’s impact on the environment. This began by tasking G&G with strategizing and implementing a campaign which rewards ethical suppliers (within the group) that manufacture with the environment in mind.

The initiative needed to keep the following top of mind,
1. Encourage suppliers of Massmart stores to reduce the impact they make on the environment
2. Educate on the impact of irresponsible production practices
3. Drive awareness and positive change for a better environment
4. Educate on the impact of irresponsible production practices
5. Create awareness of suppliers who have taken steps to reduce their impact
6. Create organic reach through immersive content using Massmart’s Twitter account.

Campaign objectives

Primary – Drive awareness of environmental sustainability practices of Massmart and their suppliers.

Secondary – Increase the number of followers on Twitter amongst the target audience.

Tertiary – Build brand reputation and advocacy for the Massmart group.

Campaign target market


  • Suppliers of Massmart
  • Environmental organisations
  • Business media


  • Consumers
  • Internal staff of Massmart

Strategic Considerations

  1. Be thought provoking.

  2. Ensure content is shareable by suppliers.

  3. With only Twitter and a miniscule budget, we needed to get the campaign noticed and the conversation started.

Campaign description

As the world encounters the devastating impacts of environmental damage, The Massmart Annual Supplier Environmental Awards was started. The purpose of the awards was to drive awareness amongst suppliers in Massmart’s supply chain to focus on ethical sourcing and responsible production.

The Awards

Took place on the 28 March 2019 and the campaign rollout began 1 month prior to the event.

The Nominees

Through an audited and strict judging process, Massmart nominated six finalists,

  1. Coca-Cola
  2. Distell
  3. L’oreal
  1. Mondi
  2. Belgotex
  3. Nestlé.

Details of implementation

G&G Digital created 6 impactful and engaging videos that raised awareness of the environmental risks such as,

  • Overfishing and sustainable sourcing
  • Water consumption
  • Solar power
  • Clean energy.

These videos not only foregrounded Massmart’s environmentally friendly initiatives, but also raised awareness of their progressive environmental initiatives in the industry, such as;

  • State-of-the-art air purification systems that converts oxygen into drinkable water
  • Solar-powered stores
  • The ethical sourcing of seafood products

The Content

The videos were posted and promoted on Twitter before the event. Additional Twitter content was created to start the conversation.
In addition, G&G social team created and posted live Tweets at the event and engaged with related trending hashtags.

Evaluation and results

With a small budget of just R170 000 this was Massmart’s most successful campaign to date.
We created and shared videos that not only reached, but also ignited the right conversations and highlighted Massmart’s forward-thinking initiatives.

In addition, the campaign generated R450 800 worth of earned media with zero PR activities or budget.

The campaign is being referenced by Wallmart Headoffice in the United States.

Time frame of the project: 15 March 2019 to 15 April 2019.

Client testimonial

G&G lived up to their mantra and surprised us with the incredible content and the results of this campaign. It made such an impact that elements of the campaign were adapted and used across different touchpoints within Massmart and the CEO from our Head Office in the US called for aspects of the content to be used internationally.

Phumzile Siboza

Marketing Professional Brands at , Massmart

Massmart – 2019 – Breakthrough Work