Reason for initialisation

Due to budget constraints, Johnson & Johnson made the decision to cut back their Listerine® sales team who had been tasked with engaging directly with dental professionals about their product range. This resulted in market share loss.

To fill this void, Johnson & Johnson briefed G&G Digital to strategise, design and implement a digital platform to engage with the dental industry on an ongoing basis to achieve (or better) surpass the success of the previous sales team.

The Listerine® Dental Academy is an advocacy programme aimed at building stronger relationships with dental professionals. It’s aimed at engaging with individuals in a proactive way to maintain quality contact that is as good as being seen by a rep.

Campaign objectives

Primary – target 900 top tier dental practices in South Africa and get them to sign up and register in year one.

Secondary –  Meet specific engagement KPIs and generate referrals

Tertiary – Drive advocacy among dental healthcare practitioners to recommend Listerine® as the number one brand

Campaign target market

Primary – A-graded practicing dental healthcare practitioners, including, dentists, oral hygienists, dental assistants, orthodontists, prosthodontists and periodontists.

Secondary – Dental students and receptionists at dental practices.

Strategic considerations

  1. Create an award-winning digital platform to maintain quality contact that is as good as being seen by a rep.

  2. Ensure the platform, provides dental healthcare practitioners with a thorough understanding of the Listerine® product range, giving them the confidence to make the best oral hygiene recommendations to their patients.

  3. Acquire new members to register and engage with the digital platform which is vastly different from what they were used to.

  4. Stay in constant communication with members via appropriate channels – emails, SMS, telephone calls and events.

  5. Provide members with education material and tests to earn CPD points.

  6. Entrench the role of mouthwash as a part of the 3-step routine for whole mouth clean.

  7. Allow members to participate in online learning anytime, anywhere, and learn at their own pace.

  8. Provide ongoing customer service to answer questions and queries.

Campaign description

With no direct representatives engaging with dental healthcare professionals since 2016 and related loss of market share, Johnson & Johnson needed to fill the sales void with a smart, hardworking digital solution that engages their target market and results in brand advocacy.

In April 2018, we launched an industry first – the Listerine® Dental Academy – an online loyalty programme designed to engage directly with dental healthcare professionals, educate them, stay in touch and transform them into brand ambassadors.

The Listerine® Dental Academy is a multi-step route to educate, engage, build product advocacy and ensure trial and usage.

  • Clear B2B2C programme
  • A strong 2B element as trusted dentists and oral hygienists would advocate Listerine® products to their patients.
  • The 2C element converts advocacy to measurable purchase, when patients advocate the product to their friends and families.
  • Digital and interactive
  • Easy to use
  • Informative and educational
  • Adds value to dental professionals and their patients
  • Ensure members have access to information on the range of Listerine® products
  • Create a sampling mechanism that is compliant but trackable
  • Advocate and build strong awareness of the 3-step routine essential to clean the entire mouth
  • Entice members to recommend Listerine® products to their patients
  • Assist members in earning CPD points, necessary to maintain their professional accreditation
  • Most importantly, be measurable so Johnson & Johnson could evaluate its success
  • Full CRM and marketing automation engine.
  • Reach secondary target market (dental students) whose early advocacy will deepen as they enter a professional career.

Details of implementation

The Listerine® Dental Academy is a multi-phased engagement strategy.

Once members sign up to the Listerine® Dental Academy it triggered a series of automated communications that ultimately encouraged them to recommend their patients to follow a healthy and effective oral hygiene routine, using Listerine®, of course.

Evaluation and results

Time frame of the project: April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

The programme was so successful in its first year, that G&G Digital is already busy with new registrations and learning opportunities for the Class of 2020. Johnson & Johnson is looking to implement the programme in multiple regions around the world.

Client testimonial

G&G Digital went above and beyond working on the Listerine® Dental Academy, and they continue to offer us invaluable support as we take this online learning platform to new heights and meet our business objectives.

Barbara van Wyk

Marketing Professional Brands at Listerine®

Listerine® Dental Academy – 2019 – Breakthrough Work