Reason for initialisation

Haemophilia A isn’t a particularly well-known disease, and Roche South Africa, with their digital agency G&G Digital, aimed to raise awareness of the disorder.

The brief was to launch the campaign a few weeks before 17 April 2019, which is the annual commemoration of World Haemophilia Day. Through this campaign, Roche South Africa wanted to give a voice to people living with Haemophilia A and raise awareness with the public and media.

Campaign objectives

  1. Educate the media and public on what Haemophilia A is and Roche SA’s innovations around treatments.
  2. Raise awareness of what living with Haemophilia A is like.
  3. Increase engagement among the 2 000 people living with Haemophilia A in South Africa.
  4. Establish a presence of Roche SA on Twitter and achieve at least 1% engagement and do not exceed the industry cost per click of R7.70.

Campaign target market

Primary – Men between 16 and 55-years-old, as Haemophilia A is most prevalent in men.
Women, who are carriers of the Haemophilia A gene.

Secondary – Medical professionals.

Tertiary – Media and influencers.

Strategic considerations

  1. Haemophilia A is a genetic blood disorder, where the blood doesn’t clot properly. Many people are unaware of this disorder, unless they personally know someone living with it. And even within the haemophilia community, there are misconceptions.

  2. Roche South Africa is only socially active on Twitter, and as a pharmaceutical company, all communications are highly regulated and there are quite a few restrictions to the type of content that can be shared from the Twitter account. All posts had to be well structured with the appropriate hashtags to gain the right engagement, without transgressing medical regulations.

  3. Create a digital platform for patients to share their experience in a fun way to raise as much awareness with the public and media.

  4. The content needed to have a strong call to action to encourage people living with Haemophilia A to visit the digital platform and engage with it.

Campaign description

To raise awareness of the disorder, G&G Digital and Roche created the following campaign:

For consumers

The ReDefine Haemophilia website was created. The website is a fun and engaging digital experience that allows Haemophilia A patients and their loved-ones to express how they feel about living with the disease, in a humorous, fun and breakthrough manner.

The site allows users to “ReDefine Haemophilia” by creating their own memes, called “Memeophilia”, by simply uploading an image and their own funny quote to an image and sharing it on social channels.

For PR and Media

On 16 April 2019, G&G Digital held a media round-table discussion and frank conversation about the disorder which included not only medical professionals, but also a parent of a son with Haemophilia and a person living with the disorder.

The following stakeholders were involved

  • Professor Johnny Mahlangu, the Head of Haemophilia at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital
  • Alex Stewart, a haemophilic patient
  • Julie Malan, a parent of a person living with the disorder
  • Media
  • Influencers

Video content

An informative video was created that included information and experiences shared by Professor Johnny Mahlangu, the patient and the parent and it was shared on social media and posted on the Roche South Africa website.

For the medical practitioners

After World Haemophilia Day on 17 April 2019, healthcare practitioners were sent an email containing the video and a personalised desk drop, which included a notepad featuring a selection of the best Memeophilia.

Phase 1

Creating awareness
Social outreach
Round-table discussion, featuring experts on haemophilia

Phase 2

Email and desk drop to healthcare practitioners, raising awareness on haemophilia.
Gallery of memes shareable from the ReDefine Haemophilia website to social media channels.

Details of implementation

Evaluation and results

Time frame of the project: 5 April 2019 to 30 April 2019.

Number of employees that worked on the project

  • 1 account manager
  • 1 designer
  • 1 writer
  • 1 creative director
  • 1 videographer

Client testimonial

G&G Digital immersed themselves in this project. They were committed and dedicated exceeding our deliverables.

Esnath Muzenda

Communications Specialist at Roche

#MEMEOPHILIA – 2019 – Breakthrough Work